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Course overview

The Outstanding Training Center is one of the first professional tattoo training centers in the United States with a 27-year history. There are 4 major factors for success:

  • Introduce the most advanced tattoo instruments and products for teaching, and provide tools and products for classroom and practical operation. ​

  • Terry will apply student-oriented, tailor-made learning programs, real-life demonstrations and real-life operations. Small class teaching, one-on-one, and all-round guidance.

  • The team of instructors has decades of skill, rich experience and training experience, to help students solve problems. Guarantee students master the essentials

  • The school provides a free re-teaching for one year, provides entrepreneurial guidance for the students; and the perfect post-service, expert teachers regularly return to the technology and solve the confusion problem.

3 Days hair strokes +Ombre Class

Learn the latest technique in Handcraft(Traditional) Microblading + Ombre using Eastern Pearl Pen with Needles half the width of average human hair.

  • 2 Days Hairstroke+Ombre Handcraft technique

  • 1 Day Student Model

  • Hands-on Training 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Certificate upon Completion


Designed to enhances the expertise levels of the current Microblading practitioner/artists.Each courses are designed to focus on improve 1 specific skillset at a time and our instructors are here to guide students to master that specific skillset.

  • Live Model demonstration by instructor

  • Hands-on Training

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Certificate upon completion

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