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Meet master trainer Terry

I graduated from Jinan University in Guangzhou, China. I have studied beauty skills and management experience in Singapore, Japan and other southeast Asian countries. I have further studied aromatherapy in Italy. 


1. Chief judge of the first beauty and skin care skills competition in China, expert in skin problem solving;

2. Champion of beauty and makeup finals in southeast Asia;

3. Senior beauty teacher and lecturer of various beauty and makeup lectures;

4, Radio "about beauty" anchor, all kinds of newspapers and magazines "beauty & health mailbox" column host;

5. Marketing consultant and technical supervisor of beauty salon.

6. Expert judges for the finals of China tattoo artist skills competition

I am Terry Zhou, the headmaster of Outstanding Training Center, and also a true pioneer in the permanent makeup industry with over 30 years of experiences. Terry is more than an entrepreneur by her own right, but also encourages other women to take initiative in their lives and forge a career of their own. In the past 30 years, Terry has helped tens of thousands of women achieve their goals, and most importantly realize their self value.

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