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​eye line

We can do professional eyelines and customize for some special requests.


Our team has been doing this for almost 27 years. We can do microblading  for our customers and we also accept for customize request.

​lip line

As a professional team, Miss Terry and her group can provides you with a very wonderful experiences.


about me.


Amongst all these duties, empowering women is the most important to Ms.Zhou. She encourages other woman to take initiative in their lives and forge a career of their own. In the past 30 years, Terry has helped tens of thousands of woman achieve their goals, and most importantly realize their self value.

Terry Zhou has more than 30 years of experience in the beauty industry. She is skilled at various esthetician techniques and has won many beauty and makeup competitions in the Southeast Asia. As a senior beauty instructor, Ms Zhou imparts her knowledge to the next germination of outstanding beauticians. Her current expertise is permanent makeup, specifically microblading. She has been conducting microblading courses for the past 6 years at Outstanding Training Center, where she oversees as the principal. Ms. Zhou is also an entrepreneur, founding and currently directing Liwei Beauty, a spa located in lower Manhattan. The spa offers a variety of services including facials, body  treatments, and permanent makeup.

What is Microblading

Different from traditional eyebrow tattooing, modern Microblading utilizes the most advanced tools and updated techniques in permanent makeup.  Goal is to create thin, natural looking hairstrokes to blend in with the existing eyebrows, to give the appearance of a natural full brow.


At Outstanding Training, we don't just train you the latest in Permanent Makeup, but we strive to constantly updating our school with new techniques, products and tools.

Microblading Career Opportunities

The average cost for Microblading ranges from $400 to $800 per service, even with just ONE client a day (20 days a month), a typical permanent makeup artist can generate between $8,000 to $16,000 monthly income.


With each service takes less than 2 hrs to complete, Microblading is a great career opportunity to add additional income to your existing professions.

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